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Video Introduction

Welcome to the first of our series of 12 videos that we’ve put together to help you understand your dog, know how to raise your puppy to be a well behaved, calm family member, and giving you the information to understand why your dog does certain things and how you can help.

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Video 1 – Puppy Selection

Welcome to the first of our series of 12 videos. In this video, we are covering how you go about selecting the puppy that’s right for your family, and the questions and the vital points you need to consider with that.

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Video 2 – Puppy Management

In video 2, we’re going to start covering what actually happens when we bring our puppy home. We’re looking at management and structure that will help the puppy find living with us a lot easier. When I’m talking about management and structure, I’m talking about setting the puppy up so that he knows how to negotiate our world.

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Video 3 – Socialising

In video 3, we’re going to cover a really important topic – socializing. Socializing can be abit of an unfortunate term because to humans, it means something totally different than it does to dogs. I prefer to use the term exposure.

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Video 4 – Toilet Training

In the video today, we’re going to cover a big one, and that is toilet training. Toilet training doesn’t have to be stressful. Your puppy doesn’t have to make a lot of mistakes to learn it. It really is about consistency, and it’s about setting your puppy up to succeed. So when we’re talking about toilet training, we’re using those management strategies we’ve previously covered..

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Video 5 – Crate Training

Welcome to video 5. In this video, we’re covering a topic that can sometimes can be a little contentious – crate training. Dogs have a genetic trait to look for a confined, covered area just like a den where they feel safe and comfortable and they can safely rest. When crate training is done properly, and we use a lot of positive reinforcement to build up a positive association to that area, your dog will learn to love his crate.

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Video 6 – Handling

Today in video 6, we’re covering grooming and handling. This is a topic that a lot of puppy owners tend to overlook, and it is so, so important. It makes you, your groomer and your vet’s life so much easier and your puppy will be happier and calmer as well.

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Video 7 – Codependency

We’re going to have a look in this video about codependency, what that is, the pitfalls that can result from it, and how we go about preventing it.

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Video 8 – Puppy Classes & Training

Many people think that when they first get a puppy, they need to go to a puppy class. That is not quite right. Puppy classes can be a great place, and they can also have a lasting effect on your dog in a negative way.

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Video 12 – Recall

This is video 12. In my opinion, this video covers one of the most important things you can ever teach your dog. It can literally be life saving, and that’s the recall or the come command.

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Video 13 – Recap

One of the most exciting times in a dog owner’s life is when we get a new puppy or dog. In these videos, I hope that I’ve given you some practical strategies and advice for helping you to help your dog or puppy reach their full potential as a good canine citizen.

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